Knightdale Drama

Knightdale Repertory Theatre & International Thespian Society Troupe 7149

Fundraisers and Donations

Knightdale is participating in the Belk Charity Sale. Please help sell as many Belk tickets to support your theatre! 


 KRT and ITS are also donating canned food for Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat. You can turn in your cans into Mrs. Gibbs office in room 1330. Please do not hesitate to donate.

We Need Your Help!

Parents, Students and Community Volunteers,

Resource Needs for Knightdale Drama


  • Build shelves for the lumber (lumber racks)
  • Purchase or build cabinets for storing all of the hand and power tools
  • Clear and organize ?the loft?
  • Remove all the debris  from the backstage area(old big sofa)
  • Clean the floors in the shop
  • Put a screen in the sink to catch the paint, etc.
  • Build a small 12? platform to go under the dimmer board so that the board operators can actually see from the view window in the booth
  • Put together the table saw


We Need Parents and Adult Community Volunteers to contribute time to

  • cover the backstage area during performances, especially keeping people out of the dance studio theatre and other teaching spaces in the arts wing
  • serve refreshments during the run of the rehearsals and perhaps, something like spaghetti dinners during tech week and the week of the show
  • set up opening night galas for the audience/organize and prepare the cookies and punch/the decorations
  • run errands for Saturday rehearsals, generally for small things needed from the hardware store
  • supervise the technical schedule on weekday evenings and Saturdays when the bulk of the scenery is built
  • be advocates for the program
  • drive students to sell program ads so that it can become a stream of  revenue to support the program
  • set up for special events and monitor them, i.e., talent shows, ITS inductions, etc. end of year theatre banquet and picnic
  • arrange educational field trips both local and long distance including to New York, for NCTC  One Act Play Festivals, North Carolina Thespians, etc.
  • arrange deals with tee shirt vendors, local printers, etc. for the best deals, people who  donate food to the tech week dinners, etc.
  • run the box office on show dates and supervise the front of house
  • put together our Playbill and Showbill for theatre events
  • stay with our young visiting students while they rehearse the holiday show


We need funds to purchase

  • several rolling costumes racks for storage and shows
  • clear storage bins to store, neck ties, socks, bras, gloves, slips, scarves, etc.
  • corrugated cardboard boxes with lids and labeling spaces on the side for shoes, belts, hats, etc.
  •  a rolling plastic set of drawers on wheels to store the make-up
  • lumber: 2x4x8, 1x4x8
  • ¾? sheets of plywood
  • 4x8 sheets of luan
  • flat black latex/interior paint ( 5 gallon bucket)
  • flat white latex/interior paint (5 gallon bucket)
  • primary red flat latex
  • primary blue flat latex
  • primary yellow flat latex
  • brown flat/ interior paint
  • ¾? drywall screws
  • 1? drywall screws
  • 6? carriage bolts
  • strap hinges  1?, 2?, 3?
  • painting tarps
  • paint brushes ¼? , ½?, 1?, 1½?, 2?, 3?, 5?
  • paint rollers with handles
  • texturing brushes
  • bolt or roll  of  45? or 60? muslin (unbleached) (50 yds or 100 yds)
  • thin mesh chicken wire
  • 4x8 sheets of corrugated cardboard
  • various color gels for lights
  • four strip lights (can purchase used)
  • fog machine
  • strobe light
  • mirror ball
  • 1 chandelier (for period pieces)
  • 1 Queen Anne wingback chair
  • bentwood chairs
  • 4x8 sheet brick vacu-form  (can be purchased in hardware store)
  • plexiglass
  • black velour fabric
  • rear screen projection fabric
  • rear screen projector lens

  • Tuxedos
  • Period evening wear and  gowns
  • Shawls
  • Period hats
  • Costume jewelry
  • Necklaces, rings, ear rings, etc.
  • Ascots
  • Dickies
  • Aprons
  • Ribbons
  • Trims
  • Fabric (all colors and textures)
  • Merrow Serger
  • Ironing board
  • Iron
  • Sewing notions
  • Wigs
  • Period for women and men
  • Costume mannequin
Scene Shop

  • 18 volt cordless drill kits
  • Drafting table

Management office

  • Printer for student office         




Properties Wishlist


Property Item Description
basket laundry, wicker
bedsheets color
bedsheets white
bedspreads assorted
blankets assorted
board ironing
board tag white
books vintage
boots men, leather
boots women
briefcase men
bust famous musicians
candle white, tapered
candles battery operated
chair arm
chair lounge
chairs dining
clothing vintage
curtains bathroom
curtains bedroom
curtains kitchen
curtains livingroom
deskset vintage
dishes baking
dishes china
fabric assorted
fabrics textures
flower pots
flower vases
flowers plastic
flowers silk
forms dress
forms wig
glasses drinking
inkwell vintage
iron steam
lamps livingroom
lanterns battery operated
luggage assorted
mannequins female
mannequins male
mirror decorative
mirror floorlength
mirror hand
napkins, cloth, dinner four
napkins, ring four
needles crochet
needles sewing
paintings landscape
paintings portraits
pans cooking
patterns vintages
pillow cases
pillows bed
pillows throw
pins clothes
pins cushion
pipe corncob
pipe Sherlock Holmes type
pipe tobacco
placemats four
pots cooking
pots holders
rack coat
rack hat
rack magazine
radio faux front
ribbon assorted
rug runners
rugs tapestry
rugs woven
runners shelf
sewing basket
sewing kit
sewing serger
sewing machine
shoes men, leather
shoes men, leather
silverware assorted
suitcase men
suitcase women
table centerpiece
table cloth
table coffee
table dining
table end
table kitchen
telephone Princess
telephone push button
telephone rotary
thimbles assorted
thread assorted
towels assorted
trim assorted
umbrellas men
umbrellas women