Knightdale Drama

Knightdale Repertory Theatre & International Thespian Society Troupe 7149

Board of Directors

The Knightdale Repertory Theatre (KRT) is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors comprised of parents, faculty, staff, administrators, students and community leaders who are theatre arts advocates. They share a common passion for theatre and a commitment to the Knightdale High School learning community.

The board is dedicated to raising awareness of theatre in the Knightdale High learning community and supports the development of work centered on the community's youth. The board is responsible for ensuring excellent management of the organization meaning that all major decisions are discussed, debated, and finally decided with the input and recommendation of the officers and membership.  The board remains well informed about the activities of the organization so that it can communicate appropriate information to the public. The board makes the decisions that guide the organization to achieve its purpose. The board delegates the management functions and develops and approves all strategic plans, major commitments and emergency decisions.  The board develops the business and fundraising plans. The board is the formal governing body that is responsible for the legal and moral responsibilities of the organization.  The board members attend meetings, structure the committees, shares information and make the decisions for the organization while seeking guidance and direction from appropriate committees.  Finally, the board sets the meeting times.


Matthew Raines, Artistic and Executive Director
Ken Whisler, Technical Director
Alnita Coulter, Chair

Christopher Cates, Student Managing Director




Parents of the Cast and Crew:

Board is currently under re-construction. 

Former Board Members:
Brittany Atwell
Barry Broadhurst
Michelle Broadhurst 
Johnny Cooper
Brando Cota, Ex-Officio
Chris Cunningham, Ex-officio
Laura Ingerham
Willie O. Jordan 
Brittany King
Cynthia King 
Gary McConkey
Don Owen 
Pam Owen
Cammie Perry, Ex-Officio
Donna Perry
James Ryan 
Aryelle Santos
Courtney Santos
Iris Santos
Junes Santos
Justine Santos, Ex-Officio
Mia Sims, Ex-Officio
Carol Staup
Morgan Stevens
Brad Walston
Pa'trick Womack, Ex-Officio